How Does the Color Scheme of Your Brand Affect Its Success?

How Does the Color Scheme of Your Brand Affect Its Success?

As far back as the 1950s, advertisers understood the effect that color has on our brains, emotions, and impulses.  

Color actually has a lot of influence on our perceptions and desires where online advertising methods and marketing are concerned.  Well known companies pay top dollar to color psychologists and marketing specialists who can create designs that will appeal to our senses below the levels that we consciously acknowledge.  Even McDonald’s popular red and yellow logo is geared toward signaling the brain that something of importance is to be had inside of its doors.

It is also a good practice in cultural competency to know and understand what other colors mean to different cultures and how your product or website will be received by another part of society.  The following is a short guide to color theory and how it affects the brains and moods of viewers, users, and shoppers. Use this quick guide to help create new improvements for your online advertising, Instagram advertising campaigns, and websites.


Red:  Red grabs attention and signals that something essential is present.  It is also a powerful color so be careful to not overdo it.


Pink:  Pink inspires femininity, typically.  It is also a youthful color. Pink is most often used when a company wants to appeal to a young female demographic.


Yellow:  Using yellow sparingly can be amazing for your page or business.  Yellow inspires trust and confidence in the brand and is also a very hard color to ignore.


Green: Primarily, green is associated with life, health, and vitality.  Green inspires positive feelings in the person looking at it. Use green to make the most common association with money as well.


Purple: Purple denotes royalty and elegance and is a good way to lend those qualities to a logo.


Orange:  Orange is a fun and energetic color.  It makes customers happy and a happy customer is also a patronizing customer.  Orange denotes good feelings and is also very eye-catching.


Blue:  Blue is used to inspire trust, brand confidence and also a sense of serenity.  Blue also has a positive mnemonic effect on our brains.


Brown:  Brown is a neutral color.  It has a calming effect on customers and denotes earthiness.


Black:  Black is a powerful color that inspires thoughts and feelings of sleek elegance in customers or viewers.