Paid Likes vs Organic Likes: What's the Difference?

Paid Likes vs Organic Likes: What's the Difference?

You see it all of the time.

There are business pages on Facebook and Instagram that you’ve never heard of with thousands of likes. You automatically question the legitimacy. How could this product or brand go unnoticed by you, yet so many people are aware of it? It’s not always the case, but it is possible for businesses to purchase likes and traffic. While you have the option, it’s better to consider the benefits of organic growth.

Here Are the Benefits of Organic Likes

You want to build your online business and gain a natural, organic base. That base will eventually become your word-of-mouth marketing, but you have to get there. So, once you do, what are those benefits of going for organic growth?


  • You build relationships with your customers and you can easily find out what they like and don’t like
  • You know your base is there because they genuinely care about your products or services
  • Growing relationships with influencers can dramatically boost your organic growth

Here Are a Few Challenges That Come With Organic Growth

It’s not always easy to stay top of mind in the world of social media. One day there’s Facebook and Instagram and the next people are dancing to music in TikTok. We understand that it’s not always easy to continue your organic likes growth because:

  • It takes time to gain likes and overall social media attention and traction
  • Inconsistency in posting can cause your following to drop or become stagnant
  • Can be costly to pay for exposure to trustworthy leads and your target audience

 Here’s Why Paid Likes and Followers Fail

  • Users can spot the inconsistency of pages which have 1000’s of followers but a low number of likes on posts
  • The bots that provide followers are never going to buy your product
  • Facebook and Instagram shut down pages that violate the terms of the agreement, which are strict about using 3rd party apps and developers to drive traffic

 The verdict is out. Paid followers won’t advance your business and could backfire on the creditability of your business. Go for a more sustainable option. The benefits of organic growth are clear. For helpful tips on building an organic social media following contact Social Network MD today. We are the leaders in building brands.