SNMD Cares: Election Day 2020

In the ongoing global pandemic, this year has been anything but normal. As we enter this year’s election cycle, many new conversations have surfaced in regard to businesses and their employees–who are also voters. Hundreds of corporations have committed to allocating time off for employees to both vote and volunteer on Election Day. In alignment with our organization-wide initiative, SNMD Cares, Social Network MD followed suit and encouraged participation & action during this political season.


Due to risks COVID-19, our community is in need of volunteers to protect the democratic process. According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, there was a reported shortage nationwide of poll workers, a population that is typically made up of elderly volunteers. 


"As a Georgia resident, I feel a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to getting out there and getting these things done. Being in the middle of a pandemic, I felt that it was very important to do my part in making sure that the election was fair and accessible to people in my community. The county provided face shields and masks along with training, so I felt both safe and empowered to complete this civic duty. I was fortunate enough to work alongside volunteers with the same goal and passion for protecting democracy. It was exciting to see a lot of younger volunteers in my area! My experience volunteering on Election Day was very rewarding. In such an important election, it felt great to be able to give back in a way that impacted so many." - Kassidy W.

This volunteer work matters because it directly helps to protect the right to vote for Georgians in the communities that we work and live in. SNMD is a company that encourages time off for civic duty. We believe that this is critical to both our dedication to our employees and our country. SNMD Cares for the community and providing flexibility for its employees to vote and help during what could be America's most important Election Day yet.